Edit Moving Pictures

With an inexpensive and easy-to-use video camera, you film a video masterpiece. However, your efforts will require some editing, not only to adjust picture and sound quality, but also to arrange the clips in a meaningful order that is compelling to watch. You may also need to change the video format into a standard acceptable for wherever your file will show, such as on a file-sharing website or on a high-definition TV.


1. Browse an online video editor such as JayCut. You must register for a free account and upload your files. Because processing takes place online, you avoid downloading a program that takes up space on your hard drive and may contain malware. You can order clips on a timeline, trim them, apply transitions like dissolves and wipes, include individual images, add text overlays, and replace or adjust audio. An active user-forum can inspire and help you with any video problems.

2. Download, install and run a free editor like Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. Because it does not use a web connection, it works in locations where the Internet is scarce or expensive, such as in an airline cabin or on a cruise ship. It contains all the features of many online editors and adds video effects such as fade outs, film aging, grayscale and pixelation. You can even capture video directly from another device such as a videocam or TV. If you’re pressed for time, use the AutoMovie picture to automatically combine your clips into a movie.

3. Buy and run a commercial editor such as Adobe Premiere Pro, which has a free trial on its website. It has a steep learning curve but allows you to edit individual frames and portions of frames. You can change picture colors, increase the bits per channel to 32 and integrate your efforts with other software programs such as Photoshop, for developing individual pictures, and After Effects, for compositing and additional motion filters. If you want to include special features unavailable in the software, you can buy and include third-party plug-ins that offer new special effects.

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