Edit Mov Files

Edit MOV files on a PC or a Mac.

MOV files are specifically made for QuickTime players, which makes them easy to edit on a Mac but not as easy to adjust on a PC. With that in mind, it may be best to convert your MOV file into something easier to handle, such as an AVI file if editing on a Windows computer. Using a third-party conversion tool will allow you to change your file format and still manage to edit your files efficiently.


Edit MOV Files on a PC

1. Use a file conversion tool to switch your MOV file into a supported file type, such as an AVI or an MPG.

2. Navigate to “Programs,” “Accessories,” “Entertainment” and “Windows Movie Maker.”

3. Import your video by choosing “Import Video” from the Movie Tasks menu. Your video will now show up on a screen on the left.

4. Scroll the video over to where you wish to make your first cut and hit Ctrl + L. The file will show up in the window where you imported your first video.

5. Continue cutting down your desired files until they are as small as you’d like them to be, and drag them to the storyboard at the base of the program.

6. Place the files in the order you want, and add any transitions using the “View Video Transitions” option in the “Edit Movie” menu under “Movie Tasks.”

7. Drag your transitions onto the storyboard.

8. Save your movie. From here, you can either convert your file back using the same file converter and risk losing some quality, or you can keep it as is.

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Edit MOV Files on a Mac

9. Navigate to “File,” “Import Movie” and choose your MOV file. Select “Create a New Event” and choose Import. Frames of your new files should all be displayed.

10. Highlight and select your frames and pull them up to the main window. Each clip will have its own icon.

11. Arrange the order of frames by clicking the icons and moving them around. You can also pull in clips from other projects by importing them to the existing project.

12. Adjust the volume of each clip by clicking on the sound icon that appears when your mouse hovers over each clip.

13. Navigate to “Share” in the Menu. Decide in which format you wish to save your file and choose it from the options.