Edit Metadata In Ubuntu

Unlike the Windows operating system, the Ubuntu operating system does not have a native application that lets you edit the metadata present in audio and video files on your machine. However, a number of third-party applications are available for this very purpose. As Ubuntu is an open-source operating system, all of the software titles you would need are available through the Ubuntu Software Center completely free of charge.


1. Download and install EasyTag. EasyTag allows you to edit the ID3 metadata tag files present in audio files like MP3 files, Ogg Vorbis files and FLAC files. The application allows you to specify the name of an artist that recorded a song, the album the song came from, the composer on the song and more right from the main EasyTag program window.

2. Use Kid3. Kid3 is another ID3 metadata tag editor that allows you to take complete control over your audio and video files on your computer. You can edit the metadata contained in multiple files at the same time, allowing you to quickly combine a collection of songs into a single album or artist heading. The ID3 metadata tags will then display in native Ubuntu music playing applications.

3. Download and install Cowbell. Cowbell gives you the ability to automatically detect ID3 metadata tag information directly from Amazon’s online music services. Instead of manually entering in all tag information to the metadata of a song, you can quickly change the album, artist, title, genre and release year with the click of a button by importing all the information from the Internet.

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