Edit Iphone Notes On A Pc

Edit iPhone Notes on a PC

Your iPhone holds music, videos, photos, contacts, emails, and third party apps–all in one device. Because so much information is stored in an iPhone, Apple designed it to sync with your computer, so that you can organize all of your data and preferences on your computer and then sync them back to your iPhone. Notes in particular are easy to send back and forth between your iPhone and your PC.


1. Plug the dock connector end of the USB sync cable into your iPhone and the other end into an available USB port.

2. Run iTunes if it doesn’t start automatically.

3. Click the iPhone icon under the “Devices” list located in the left window pane.

4. Click the “Info” tab located along the top of the iTunes window.

5. Scroll down to the “Notes” section and click the check box titled “Sync notes with Outlook.”

6. Click the “Sync” button located at the bottom right of your iTunes window to sync any notes on your iPhone to the computer.

7. Run Microsoft Outlook when the sync process has completed.

8. Click the “Notes” icon in your “Personal Folders” list. Listed will be all the notes that were synced from your iPhone. Double click a note to edit its contents and click the “X” to exit it when you are finished.

9. Exit Microsoft Outlook and sync your iPhone again using iTunes. This will send the newly edited notes back to your iPhone.

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