Edit Flip Ultra Hd Videos

The Flip Ultra HD is a compact, customizable high-definition video recorder that fits in your pocket. The Flip video cameras include the FlipShare video management application. This application allows you to manage, import, export and edit your recorded videos. You can easily trim your videos, stitch them together, add music, and titles and credits using the included software.


1. Download and install the latest version of the FlipShare application.

2. Launch the FlipShare application. Connect your Flip Ultra HD video recorder to your computer via the on-board USB connection.

3. Select your Flip Ultra HD in the sidebar of the FlipShare application.

4. Select a video. Click the scissors icon. This allows you to cut and trim your videos. Select the beginning and end of the clip using the sliders below the video. Click “Save” to save the edited video clip. The original files are not destroyed when you edit and trim the videos.

5. Select the “Movie” icon in the lower corner of the FlipShare screen. This allows you to edit together your video clips. Select your desired clips and hit “Next.” Add titles and credits, if desired, and click “Next.” Add music, if desired and click “Next.”

6. Enter a name for your edited movie and click “Create Movie.”

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