Edit Flash Video

Edit Flash videos so they can be viewed on YouTube.

The ability to edit Flash video gives a user the flexibility to create compelling visual content. With a Flash video editor, you can remove and insert video frames, add video effects such as fade-ins and fade-outs, and capture video to use as graphics. Editing Flash video requires a FLV video editor. All Flash video files are in the FLV format. A variety of FLV editors are available, including the Moyea FLV editor used in this procedure.


1. Download Moyea’s FLV Downloader program and download a YouTube.com FLV file.

Navigate to Moyea.com and download Moyea’s FLV Downloader under “Free Software.” Start the FLV Downloader program. Select the “Fire Icon” within the Moyea FLV Downloader program. Select “Download” from the pull-down menu that appears. Type in the name of the URL where the FLV file exists that you wish to download. Type the URL in the URL text box. Type “youtube.com” as the target website from which to download a Flash FLV file. Name the FLV file “youtube.” Type “youtube” in the “Save as” text box in the dialog box. Type the name of the directory where you want to save the file in the “Save to” text box. Press “OK.”

2. A video editing program offers flexibility in editing Flash video.

Download Moyea’s FLV Editor Pro. Select the “FLV Editor Pro” icon on the screen in the FLV Downloader program. Select the “Download FLV Editor Pro” icon on the FLV Editor Pro website. After downloading, select the “FLV Editor Pro” icon from the desktop.

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3. Import the downloaded FLV video.

Import the FLV file “youtube” that was downloaded with the FLV Downloader into the FLV Editor Pro program, Select “Import” from the main menu bar and browse to the location where the downloaded file is saved. Select the file and click “OK.”

4. Select the “Preview” panel and play the video. Select the float window to enlarge the video. Select the “Play video” control button to play the video.

5. Select the “Clip panel” icon. Adjust the left and right sliders in the clip panel to select the range of video frames you want to edit.

6. Use an engrave effect to enhance video text.

Apply an engrave effect on the video frames selected so that the text and images will be inset on these frames. Select the “Effect panel” icon. Select “Engrave” from the effect list box in the Effect panel. Select the “Apply effect” icon in the Effect panel.

7. Select the “Preview” panel icon again. Click the “Play” button to verify that the engrave effect was added to the video frames selected.