Edit Commercials From Captured Video

Captured video refers to video that has been captured from a device and put on a computer. In this case, captured video is video that has been recorded from TV to the computer through a TV tuner (a device which allows the user to hook up cable or satellite to his computer and record whatever is on). If someone wants to put a TV show on a blank DVD, they may want to edit out any commercials from the TV show before they burn the DVD.


1. Launch Windows Movie Maker by clicking on “Start > All Programs” and selecting “Windows Movie Maker” from the list of installed programs. When it launches, press “CTRL +i” on the keyboard. This opens a window in the center of the screen labeled “Import.”

2. Use the import window to find your captured video. Double click on it and Windows Movie Maker will display a progress bar of how far along it is importing your captured video. When the progress bar reaches 100%, it will disappear. Your captured video will be displayed in the center of the program window under the word “Collections.”

3. Drag your captured video down to the time line at the bottom of the program window. The time line will look like a bunch of squares in a straight line separated by arrows pointing to the next square in sequence. Your captured video will be displayed in the first square.

4. Click “Play” on the preview window on the right side of the program window. When your captured video gets to the commercial, click the “Split” button which sits in the bottom right corner of the preview screen and looks like two squares divided by a line in the middle. This will move the remainder of the captured video into the second square on the time line. Press the “Play” button again. When the commercials end, click the “Split” button again and the remainder of the movie will be moved to the third square in the time line.

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5. Click once on the second square in the time line. This square contains the first commercial break of your recorded TV. Press the “Delete” key on the keyboard and it will remove that commercial break from your recorded TV. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to remove all commercials from your captured video.

6. Save your new video file when you’ve removed all the commercials. Click on “File > Save Movie File.” In the window that appears, click on “My Computer” and click on “Next.” In the next window, assign your new video file a name by typing in a name into the box next to the word “Name.” Choose where you want to save your new video by clicking on the “Browse” button on the right side of the screen.” Then, click “Next.”

7. Ignore the settings in the next screen and leave them as they are. Click “Next.” Windows Movie Maker will now save your new video file with the commercials removed. It will display a progress bar showing you how far along it is in saving your video at different times. You’ll know it is finished saving because Windows Movie Maker will display the message “Play movie when I click finish.” At that point, exit out of the program.