Edit Clips In Microsoft Movie Maker

No one would ever go to a Hollywood movie that had not been edited in some way, yet we will subject family and friends to hours of unedited family movies and pictures. Next time you have family and friends over to view highlights from your latest vacation, give them just that, the highlights. In Microsoft Movie Maker you can transform hours of raw vacation footage into 10 to 15 minutes of the most entertaining movie your guests have ever seen.


1. Begin by opening Microsoft Movie Maker and capturing or importing still images or video into your current collection.

2. Continue this process by dragging at least one clip to the timeline or storyboard tracks.

3. Play your clip by using the preview player controls on the right. Stop the preview where you want to edit the clip.

4. Click “Clip” and then “Split” (or Ctrl-L) to split your clip into two clips.

5. Delete the new section or clip that is unneeded, or split the clip a second time in order to delete an unwanted clip in the middle of the original video segment.

6. Repeat the process as necessary throughout your film footage in order to remove all unwanted segments and bloopers.

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