Edit Clips In Adobe Premiere Pro Cs3

Edit Clips in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3

Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 continued Adobe’s longtime commitment to provide professional video editing solutions for Windows-based workstations. Premiere CS3 is one component of a production suite that Adobe has developed for digital media production. Using Premiere CS3, you can edit video, add effects and export the finished project to various file formats. Premiere is best-suited with digital video file formats acquired from DV camcorders or professional standard or high-definition cameras.


1. Open Adobe Premiere CS3 and import video files by double-clicking anywhere in the Project tab. Select the video clips you want to edit using the Import file navigation window. Select multiple clips by holding down the “Ctrl” key as you click on clips you want to import.

2. Drag clips you want to edit from the Project tab to the “Timeline: Sequence 01” tab at the bottom half of the Premiere CS3 desktop.

3. Trim the in or out points of the clips by using your mouse to drag the beginning or end of the clip to the desired points.

4. Drag additional clips from the Project tab to the Timeline tab, adjusting in our out points as needed.

5. Add transitions by using the “Page Up” or “Page Down” keys on your keyboard to advance or return to edit points between clips. Press the “Ctrl” and “D” keys to add a default one-second dissolve between two clips. If another transition is desired, select the “Effects” tab next to the Project tab, then select the pull-down arrow to the left of the “Video Transitions” folder to view transition sub-folders. Select your desired transition from one of the sub-folders and drag the transition effect onto the timeline where the two clips meet.

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6. Adjust the transition duration by dragging either end of the purple transition icon, much as you did to trim the video clips in Step 3.

7. Add a fade to black after the last clip by pressing “Ctrl” and “D” to use the default transition from the last clip to an empty portion of the timeline. Portions of the timeline where no video clips exist are treated as black video by Premiere.