Edit & Burn Dvds

A standard DVD can hold two hours of video.

Editing and burning a DVD is a common task for individuals and organizations. Creating a video disc requires multimedia editing software to prepare the data that will be permanently burned onto a DVD-R disc. Windows Movie Maker and Windows DVD Maker offer basic timeline editing, DVD chapter creation and title design; these programs are available as part of Windows Live Essentials. A free open-source program like ZS4 or professional third-party software like Pinnacle Studio can provide you with additional features, transitions and effects.


Windows Software

1. Download and install Windows Movie Maker from the Microsoft website (see Resources). Insert a DVD-R disc into your computer’s DVD burner.

2. Launch Windows Movie Maker and import your movie files. Drag the clips you want to include on your DVD into the timeline.

3. Edit your movie, adding transitions and slicing any portions of video you don’t need.

4. Export your edited movie, choosing either “DV-AVI” or “High quality video (NTSC)” as the export format. Save it to a folder you can easily locate.

5. Open Windows DVD Maker and click “Add Items.” Browse for and select the video file you previously created. Click “Next” to continue.

6. Make any changes to the DVD chapters or menus, then select “Start Burn” to burn your disc.


7. Download and install the ZS4 video editing software (see Resources.)

8. Launch ZS4, then create a name for your project by clicking “Save” under the “File” menu.

9. Import the source video files and drag each into the timeline of your project.

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10. Edit the video on the timeline, inserting any transitions or effects that you want on the final DVD.

11. Create a DVD menu for your project, adding the desired chapter settings to identify where you want the specific chapters on your DVD to begin and end.

12. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD burner. Adjust the video settings to a lower quality if you need to put more than two hours of video on the DVD. Export the timeline to the DVD.

Pinnacle Studio

13. Download, install and run the Pinnacle Studio video editing software (see Resources).

14. Create a new project by importing the video files you want to edit and placing them into the timeline.

15. Edit your video with transitions and cuts until the video in the timeline looks the way you want it to look on your DVD.

16. Click on the DVD menu icon and select a template to edit, or create your own. Allow the software to automatically create chapters, or manually place them yourself.

17.Finalize your DVD by selecting the “Make Movie” tab and clicking “Create disc.”