Edit Avchd Video

AVCHD stands for advanced video coding high definition.

AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition and is a video recording standard developed by Sony and Panasonic. The drive for this type of video is to record high-definition material on consumer and “prosumer” level cameras. Normally, high-definition cameras are extremely expensive, but formats such as AVCHD and HDV have made filming in HD possible for those with much smaller budgets. One advantage of AVCHD is that it can record twice as much video as other formats, using less storage.



1. Purchase and install quality digital editing software. AVCHD is not a format that can be edited in programs such as Movie Maker, included with Windows operating systems. For good results, software such as Adobe Premier Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, or Final Cut Pro is recommended You must also ensure you obtain a version of these software applications that supports AVCHD, as only the more recent releases will have the ability to work with this format as of mid-2010.

2. Connect your camera to your computer using a Firewire cable for smoothest transfer. Open the video editing application. Select the option to capture the video in the AVCHD format. Play the video on the camera and record with the software, saving the video on the computer.

3. Within the editing software, copy the video you captured into a project timeline. Use the editing tools in the software to trim footage, add transitions, titles, effects, and DVD menus, and otherwise prepare the video for its intended use.

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