Edit Audio Files On Camtasia Studio

Learn use Camtasia Studio to edit various audio files such as previously recorded music, voice files and instrumental recordings in just a few steps. With these easy to follow instructions, sections of audio file can be deleted, faded in or out or the volume can be increased or decreased.


Editing Audio Files on Camtasia Studio

1. Double-click on the Camtasia Studio icon. A welcome screen will appear asking “What do you want to do?” Click inside the circle to the left of “Start a new project by importing media files”.

2. Double-click on the file to be edited from the “Open” window that appears. The file will appear in the “Clip Bin” on the center of the screen.

3. Right click on the icon of the file in the “Clip Bin”. Scroll down to “Add to Timeline”. The file will appear in the timeline window at the bottom of the screen on the Audio 2 section.

4. Place the mouse cursor next to the green triangle and move it across the timeline to the starting point of the selection that will be edited. Click on that point in the time line and the green triangle will move directly to that point.

5. Click on the green triangle and hold while moving to the right until the end of the edited section is reached. Click on the magnifying glass on the far left of the timeline toolbar to zoom in on the selection. To delete the selection, click on the scissors icon. For fading in or out, click on the icon with the arrow facing up diagonally to the right next to “Show Storyboard” to fade in and the arrow pointing diagonally down to the right to fade out. For an increase or decrease in volume, click on the arrow on the toolbar that is pointing straight to increase and down to decrease. If the selection needs to be replaced with silence, click on the icon to the left of “tracks”.

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