Edit An Mp4 With A Samsung Mx20

Samsung released the SC-MX20 Flash Memory Camcorder in September, 2008. The SC-MX20 has a 34x optical zoom and digital magnification up to a staggering 1,200x zoom. It shoots up to 480i resolution and records in a variety of formats, including MP4 video. The camera doesn’t allow for on-camera editing; videos must first be transferred to a PC and edited with Samsung’s Cyberlink MediaShow 4, a software package that comes included with the MX20 camcorder.


Install MediaShow

1. Close all of your open programs. Insert the included Cyberlink MediaShow 4 CD into your PC’s CD-ROM drive.

2. Click “Install Now” on the window that appears. Choose your desired language and click “OK.” Click “Next” to begin installation. Read and accept the license agreement, then enter your customer information, if desired, and click “Next.” Click “Next” once more to accept the default installation folder, then click “Finish” after the installation completes. Restart the computer after installation.

3. Attach your MX20 camcorder to the provided USB cable and connect the other end of the cable to your PC. Turn the camcorder on. Windows will automatically recognize the camera, and a dialog box will appear, asking you what you’d like to do with “Removable Disk.” Select “Open Folder to View Files” and click “Okay.” Browse to “Video” and copy all files to a location on your computer’s hard drive.

Editing with MediaShow

4. Double-click on the Cyberlink MediaShow 4 icon on your desktop to open the program. The welcome screen appears with four options; click the video icon to enter the program. Click the “Import” button to add videos to the library for editing. Browse to the folder where you copied the files in Section 1 then click “Okay” and “Import All.” This will load all of your recently transferred videos into the library.

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5. Click on the video you wish to edit in the library to select it. Right-click and choose “Edit.”

6. Click “Rotate Left” or “Rotate Right” at any time to change the orientation of the video. The slider bar in the bottom-right-hand corner of the window is used to change the overall size of the video.

7. Click the “Fix” button to access a few common editing tools. From this menu, you can fix shaky video, automatically adjust the lighting of your video and reduce background noise. Click “Fine Tune” to access a menu with more subtle and specific editing functions, such as adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation and white balance.

8. Click “Trim” to cut and chop your video. Activate the “Trim” controls, then use “Mark In” and “Mark Out” to select portions of the video you wish to cut. To combine clips, return to the library screen and drag video files into the track. Select multiple videos and hold the button to create a movie with multiple files.