Edit An Flv File

Edit an FLV File

FLV files, or Flash Video Files, are common types of media files that are used with streaming video and media sharing websites. If you have an existing FLV file that you’d like to edit, you can do so with a program such as FLV Editor Pro, which is available online for a fee (selling for about $50 as of early 2010). While it isn’t as extensive as editing programs like Flash Editor Suite, it is an affordable option that is excellent for editing FLV files.


1. Download the necessary files for FLV Editor Pro by visiting the topdrawerdownloads.com website (see Resources below). Once the necessary files have been downloaded, install the program by clicking on the installation wizard icon on your desktop. The installation process takes only a couple of minutes. When the installation completes, open the FLV Editor Pro software.

2. Click the “File” button in the top left corner of the program window and choose the FLV file that you want to edit, then click “Open.” The video file will appear in the preview window on the right side of the program screen.

3. Add additional FLV files if you wish to compile several files together by repeating the directions in Step 2. The additional files will show up in the middle of the program window, where they can be edited and added to other FLV files for compilation videos. Click any file you’ve uploaded into the program and it will appear in the preview window to the right of the file list.

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4. Use the function tabs above the preview window to edit the file to your liking. The file can be cropped and the screen dimensions can be altered, or you can add watermarks or text to the video. You can also use the “Effects” tab to add special effects to the video, or use the “Grab” function to manipulate still images from the file.

5. Click the “Save” button in the top left corner of the program window to save your work. The button features an orange floppy disk icon. You can then upload the edited copy of the FLV file to your favorite video sharing website such as YouTube.