Edit An Avi Video For Free

Many digital cameras and camcorders record in AVI format.

AVI files (Audio Video Interleave) are commonly used file types for videos. Editing them for free is possible using Windows Movie Maker, which is a native Windows program. The program allows users to edit audio, cut video, and add effects, transitions, titles and credits. The software is included on all Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, 7.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker. Click “Start Menu,” “Programs,” and “Windows Movie Maker.”

2. Import the AVI file into Movie Maker. Click the “Import Media” button in Movie Maker. An explorer window will appear. Navigate to the folder containing the AVI file and double click it. The AVI file will now be imported into Windows Movie Maker. It will appear in the “Imported Media” folder. Drag the AVI file into the “Storyboard” to edit it.

3. Use the tools in Movie Maker to edit the clip. The AVI file can be split up into smaller sections by clicking the “Split” button. Add effect and transitions by clicking the “Effects” and “Transition” buttons. Add text by clicking “Titles and Credits.”

4. Export the AVI file once it has been edited. Click “File” and “Publish As.” A pop up screen will appear. Select the directory where the file will be saved. Enter a “File Name” and select the “File Type” as “AVI.” Press “OK.” The edited AVI file will be saved to the computer.

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