Edit An Avchd Lite

Many smartphones now use AVCHD Lite.

AVCHD Lite” is a high-definition video format whose frame dimensions are 1280 x 720 pixels and which uses the MPEG-4/H.264 file format. It is used mainly in pocket cameras, small camcorders and smartphones. Software to decode and convert clips to more common formats, such as AVI or MOV, is supplied with all AVCHD Lite devices and despite differences in their on-screen appearance, they all do the same job. All these programs will offer simple editing and output of modified clips to a wide range of formats and devices.


1. Plug the camera’s USB cable into the computer and wait for the AVCHD Lite program to load. If the computer offers a choice of programs, use “Open with…” to select the correct one from the list. The program will scan the device for relevant clips and display a set of thumbnail images on the screen.

2. Click once on each of the clips you wish to import into your computer or use either “CTRL A” (Windows) or “CMD A” (Mac) to select all available clips. You may have the option to filter files by type, in which case select only AVCHD Lite clips.

3. Browse to an existing folder or create a new one to select a location into which the imported clip files will be stored. Give new folders a meaningful name and then click “Save.”

4. Click “Import” to transfer the selected clip files to the computer. A larger number of clip files may take several minutes to transfer. If the software permits, remove the USB cable to disconnect the device.

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5. Click the “Edit” option. You may now re-organize, trim, delete and rename clips. Use this editing interface to construct an interesting sequence from your imported movie clips, remembering to consult the software manufacturer’s help files when you need to know something specific.

6. Select the “Export” option or tab to make a finished version of the edited movie which you can share with others via DVD, the Internet or memory card. Remember that lengthy projects will take longer to finalize than short projects.