Edit A Word Document On An Iphone

Edit a Word Document on an iPhone

Your iPhone can do more than make calls. It can handle word processing, too, so that you can keep working on Microsoft Word documents when you are away from your desk. The iPhone cannot run the Microsoft Word program. The iPhone Application called Documents To Go, which you can buy from the iTunes App Store, however, can help you do more than read Microsoft Word documents on your iPhone. You can edit and save them just like you can on any Mac.


Installing Documents To Go on Your iPhone

1. Press the “App Store” icon in iTunes. You can either search for the Documents To Go Application by pressing the “Search” icon with the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen and typing in “Documents to Go” at the top of the screen or by pressing the “Categories” icon at the bottom with the file box and then the “Productivity” category. The “Documents To Go” Application can be found in the Top Paid Applications for this category. Once you have selected the Application, hit the blue button in the top right corner of the screen with the purchase price. Then, hit the green “Buy Now” box that will appear in its place. After you enter your iTunes password, the program will automatically download to your iPhone.

2. Once the Application has been downloaded, connect your iPhone to your computer with the white USB cord.

3. Download the Documents To Go Desktop Application from the DataViz website.

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4. The Documents To Go Desktop Application will create a file folder within your Documents folder called “My DocsToGo.” Any Word file you want to view on your iPhone should be copied or moved into this folder. After you do so, go to your iTunes application, highlight your iPhone under the “Devices” section on the left-hand side and press “Sync” at the bottom right corner. This will copy the Word document to your iPhone.

5. Touch your “Documents To Go” Application icon, which will read “DocsToGo.” Select the file you have moved onto the iPhone. You can magnify it by placing two fingers on the screen at the same time and moving your fingers in opposite directions. You can also turn your iPhone sideways to view the document in landscape mode.

Editing a Word Document

6. When you first open a Word document in Documents To Go in portrait mode, or with the phone upright, the document will fill the entire screen. The keyboard is not visible. At the bottom are five visible icons. Seven more icons can become visible when you move your finger from the right to the left along the visible icons.

7. If you turn your iPhone sideways, all the icons will disappear all together. In either the landscape or portrait mode, the keyboard icon can be found in the upper right corner. If you want to hide or reveal the icons, press the two-pointed icon in the bottom right corner in either landscape or portrait mode.

8. Familiarize yourself with the icons. You can save, email, adjust the font, change the line alignment, add bulleted or numbered lists, insert a tab, search for a word within the document, jump to a section of the document, determine the word count, or see the details for the document by using these icons. The third to last icon is the Road Sync that cannot be used on iPhones.

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9. Edit the document. Save periodically as you work in case the application crashes. You can also email the document to yourself or anyone else.