Edit A Wmv Video

The WMV file format is an acronym for Windows Media Video. It was developed by Microsoft to encode digital video. WMV is designed to work natively with several Microsoft media applications, including Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker. While Windows Media Player can be used to open and play WMV files, Windows Movie Maker can be used to edit WMV files. PC users can easily gain access to Windows Movie Maker since it is included in the Windows software suite.


1. Launch Windows Movie Maker. Go to the “File” tab on the program menu and select “Save As” to create a project. Target a saving destination and enter a file name. Click “Save.”

2. Go to “File” and select “Import Media Items.” Locate the WMV file in the file selection window. Select the item and click “Import.” The video will be loaded into the video editing application and appear in the “Imported Media” section.

3. Drag the WMV file from the “Imported Media” section onto the “Storyboard.”

4. Divide the WMV file into different clips by moving the playhead on the clip timeline to the point(s) where you want the video to be split. Click the “Split” button and repeat as necessary. Whenever a video is split, it will appear as an individual clip in the storyboard.

5. Select a clip and delete any unwanted footage by moving the playhead to the beginning or end of the section that is to be deleted. Go to the “Clip” tab and, depending on the placement of the playhead, select either “Trim Beginning” or “Trim End.”

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6. Drag the clips on the storyboard to arrange a desired sequence.

7. Go to “Edit” and select “Undo”to reverse any edits. Select “Redo” to re-apply any edits.

8. Go to “File” and select “Save” to render any changes to a Windows Movie Maker project.

9. Go to “File” and select “Publish Movie” to publish an edited WMV file. A “Publish Movie” screen will appear.

10. Choose the “This Computer” option under “Where do you want to publish your movie?” Click “Next.” Enter your saving preferences and click “Publish.” When the publishing status bar reaches 100 percent, the edited WMV file will be accessible from its targeted saving location.

11. Open the edited WMV file in Windows Media Player to preview the changes to the original video.