Edit A Video To Stabilize A Shaky Picture

Get those shaky videos to sit still.

So, you just sat down to start editing together a DVD of your family home movies. You get all the videos transferred, and begin to splice them together when you notice that it looks like you filmed them in a hurricane. Defeated, you stash the videos in the back corner of your closet. Well, don’t fret! Stabilizing a shaky video isn’t impossible, and with a little luck, you might be able to produce a DVD that would make Spielberg, or at least your family, proud.


Stabilizing a Video

1. Open the video editing program of your choice. Import the video(s) you wish to edit.

2. Locate the effects panel. Most, but not all, video editing programs have this. Scroll down until you locate an effect labeled “Stabilization.” Apply the effect to your video. This works by eliminating frame-to-frame jittering.

3. Repeat the process on all of your shaky videos. Save all of your changes periodically to prevent losing data, as the rendering of your final product will take some time to finish and doing it again would be very time consuming.

Motion Tracking for Image Stabilization

4. Import the video to be edited. Once again, locate your effects folder and navigate to the effect labeled “Motion Tracking.”

5. Navigate to the frames you are wanting to stabilize, and find points of contrasting brightness, such as a shirt against a sky.

6. Pin the image, usually done in four points on the border of the contrasting area. This will use the borders of the contrasting areas as point of reference for tracking and center the same contrast of the next frame to the current one.

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7. Repeat the process for each scene. It may need to be done more than once per scene if the colors or contrast change too much.