Edit A Video To Remove Subtitles

Removing subtitles from a video is fairly simple, as long as you have the raw file.

In order to easily remove the subtitles from a video, you must have the raw, uncompressed or “non-hardcoded” version of the video. This means the video must exist as a file that has not been “mixed down” in your video editing program, so that all the individual pieces of the video can be removed or edited. These are typically found as “projects” in iMovie, Movie Maker or other video editing programs.


1. Open iMovie, Movie Maker or other software where the video was created.

2. Open your video file by choosing “Open” from the File menu and choosing the appropriate project.

3. Look at the timeline of the video when the file opens. Each transition, subtitle and effect that was added to the video should appear above the video clips in the timeline. If you’re not sure locate the subtitles you wish to remove, play the video by pressing the spacebar. When you see the subtitle appear in the play screen, press the spacebar again to make the video stop playing. Your cursor should be now located on top of the clip where the subtitle exists. You should see a small effects box above the video clip–that is the subtitle effect.

4. Click on the subtitle effect in the timeline to highlight it. Press “Delete” and the subtitle effect should disappear. Move your cursor back to the beginning of your video, and play the video again to see that the subtitle is removed.

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