Edit A Video In Photoshop Cs5

Edit your videos in Photoshop CS5.

Thanks to digital camcorders, many people are making videos. Some even try to add special effects or filters to their video. You might expect that this would require that you have a dedicated video-editing application like Premiere Pro or Avid. However, if you have access to Photoshop CS5, you can use it to enhance your video with the functions and filters you already have.


1. Load the video you want to edit onto your computer.

2. Open Photoshop CS5. Select “File” from the menu and choose “Open.” In the dialog, browse to the video file you loaded and open it.

3. Go to the “Adjustments” panel and click to apply an adjustment to the video. For example, you might apply a “Photo Filter” like “Sepia” tone to give your entire video an antique look. Or you might apply a filter from the “Filter” menu.

4. Select “File” from menu and choose “Export.” From the options, choose “Render Video.” A new dialog will open.

5. Choose the new file name and the location you want to save to, as well as the “File Type,” “Range” and “Size.” Click “Render.”

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