Edit A Video Description

You can easily edit a video description on a Microsoft Windows 7/Vista-based computer using the Windows Media Player utility. For this purpose, you will have to first import the video into the Windows Media Player library. Importing the video file into the library does not create another copy of the file. Only a link to that file is added to the Media Player library.


1. Click “Start,” type “Windows Media Player” in the search box and then press “Enter.”

2. Click the “View” menu on the Windows Media Player window that opens, and then click “Library.”

3. Navigate to the location on your computer where your video is stored. For example, if the video file myvideo1.dat is stored at the location C:Videos, then click “Start,” click “Computer,” double-click the “C:” drive icon and then double-click the “Videos” folder.

4. Click and drag the video file from the folder (Videos, in our example) onto Windows Media Player.

5. Click “Videos” on the left pane of the Windows Media Player window and then click “Customize Navigation Pane.”

6. Click to select the video attributes that you want below “Videos” on the Customize Navigation Pane dialog box that opens, and then click “OK.” Available attributes include Actors, Genre, Rating, Parental Rating, Online Stores and Folder.

7. Click to select your video on the right pane of the Windows Media Player window.

8. Click an attribute below “Videos” on the left pane (for example, “Actors”), right-click the video on the right pane, click “Edit” and then type the names of the actors in the video. Edit other video attributes in the same way.

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9. Click “Organize” and then click “Apply media information changes.”