Edit A Video Clip To Remove Music

Whether the original audio track is of poor quality or you only want the video track, removing the music from a video clip can drastically alter the clip–for the better or worse. And removing the audio track from a video clip is simple. All you need is some conversion software to produce a duplicate conversion–keeping the video while excluding the audio.


1. Download and install Quick Media Converter on your computer (see Resources). Launch Quick Media Converter after the installation process is complete.

2. Open the folder containing the video clip you want to edit. Drag and drop the video clip into the window in the center of Quick Media Converter. Click on the “Expert Mode” button, located at the top of the program.

3. Navigate down to the “Video Options” tab near the bottom of Quick Media Converter, and click on it. Under “Video Options,” click on the red “Off” button. Click on the drop-down menu next to the “Format” heading, and then select the clip’s video type from the menu, such as WMV, MPG, AVI etc. Like the Video Options, the Audio Options will be off by default; leave them off to omit the video.

4. Click the circular “Start Conversion” icon in the left side of Quick Media Converter to start the conversion. The video format of the output will be the same, but the audio track will not be included.

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