Edit videos with Pinnacle video-editing programs.

Pinnacle is a popular, home-user based video editing program, designed by the makers of Avid, the industry leading video editing suite. With the aid of a Pinnacle software it is possible to edit just about any movie content, then export the finished product as a movie file. This movie file, once exported, has the capabilities of being viewed on just about any media player, including Windows Media Player and iTunes.


1. Click “Start,” “All Programs,” then select the Pinnacle tab to load the Pinnacle video-editing software.

2. Select “File,” “Import,” then choose the video file you want to edit in Pinnacle. Click “OK” and it appears in the video library on the left side of the program window.

3. Double-click the file and it loads onto the display window located on the right side of the screen. Click “Play” to view the file, then press “I” to create an “In Point” and “O” to create an “Out Point.” The area in between the two points becomes highlighted. Click and drag the video down to the timeline and the video in between the two points is placed onto the timeline.

4. Each clip dragged down to the timeline represents one edit. Repeat this process until you have put together your scene or movie.

5. Click on the area between the two clips and the transition effects editor loads. Select a transition effect you want (such as a fade, wipe or any one of several dozen other effects). Once in place, it becomes the transistorize effect between the two clips.

6. Select “Edit,” “Export,” then title the video file and choose a location to save the file too. Click “OK” and the video file exports to your computer from the Pinnacle Software program.