Edit A Music Video

Filmmakers give music an extra element by creating a visual complement: the music video. Before the video is shown to an audience, the director or artist may have varying ideas of what the concept should be. In order to get to the final and agreed upon vision, the editor may remove audio or video clips completely or cut the video and place it in another scene of the video. Step-by-step, learn be a music video editor.


1. Open Windows Movie Maker.

2. Go to “Import” and click on “Videos.”

3. Navigate to the video that will be edited and click “Import.” The video will appear under “Imported Media.” If “Imported Media” is not available, go to the “Location” drop-down box and select “Imported Media.”

4. Select the music video that was previously imported and drag it to the timeline at the bottom of the screen. If the timeline is not available, go to “View” in the menu bar and select “Timeline.” The video will appear beside the video row in the timeline.

5. Click the plus symbol beside the video row; this will expand the Video row to show the transition and audio rows.

6. Click at the place in the timeline that will be edited. A green line will appear at the selected location.

7. Click “Split” located in the far right corner of the program display. When “Split” is selected, the video and audio will split into two separate clips at the green line.

8. Go to the end of one of the clips. A double-headed red arrow will appear. Click and drag the arrow to the left which will shorten the duration of the clip. Drag the double-headed arrow to the right to extend the duration of the clip. The clip will not extend past the duration of the split.

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9. Click on “Transitions” in the left menu bar. Select the transition and drag and drop it to the transition row in the timeline at the split in the video.