Edit A Mpeg4 Video

You can edit MPEG4 with almost any video-editing software on the market. In fact, there are several freeware programs, so you can edit an MPEG4 without paying a penny. The one thing to keep in mind when editing and exporting an MPEG4 is that the video won’t be as high in quality as the original. However, sometimes that’s barely noticeable.


1. Check your computer’s programs to see if it has pre-installed video-editing software (Windows Movie Maker or iMovie). If not, download and install a video editing program (see Resources).

2. Open the editing program, and click “File, then “Import.” Find your MPEG4 video and click “Open.”

3. Drag the file to the “Timeline” or “Sequence.”

4. Find the tool palette that contains the trim, hand and cursor tool, among others.

5. Use the cut or trim tool to cut the video at whatever point you click on it.

6. Use the hand tool to move sections of the video anywhere along the timeline. You also can drag the edges of the video to make it shorter or longer in length.

7. Click “File,” then “Export.” The “Save” or “Export” dialogue box will appear. Save the video as an MPEG4.

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