Edit A Movie With Nero

Edit a Movie With Nero

Nero is known as a software burning tool, but its massive collection of applications within Nero Start Smart includes a basic movie editor. With this movie editor, you can cut, trim, and put together various clips. The Nero video editor is simple to use and after learning the basic controls, you will be able to cut together various clips on the computer and convert them to a final movie file and burn it directly to a DVD.


1. Open Nero Start Smart and select the “Photo/Video” icon. Scroll through the list options and click on the “Edit Video” option. It features an icon with a pair of scissors cutting through a film strip.

2. Wait for “Nero Vision” to load. A new project will automatically load. The main window of the editing software features a preview window in the left corner, an editing timeline on the bottom of the screen, and the top left of the software are tabbed options for “Files”, “Transitions”, “Special effects”, and “Titles”.

3. Import files into the project by clicking the “Import” icon, which features a picture of a magnifying glass and a folder. Select multiple video files and wait a second for the program to process the data.

4. Click and drag a video file into the “Timeline” window. The “Timeline” window features two views. The “Basic” view shows square clip previews of the videos; the “Expanded” view features audio timelines and slots for effects. Use “Basic” view for organizing the clips, and the “Expanded” view for the extra details.

5. Trim and edit the clip in the “Preview” window. Notice that underneath the “Preview” window is a different tool for editing. “Play” and “Stop” allow you to preview the clip. The “Fullscreen” icon expands the video to see the details within a clip. The “Snapshot” icon creates a still picture from the current frame you are on. The “Record Audio” icon allows you to record voice-overs, or any sound effects you want to add to the project. The “Split Item” separates a clip into multiple clips for easier editing.

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6. Click on the “Scissors” icon to enter “Cut Mode”. This mode allows you to trim footage off the front and back of a clip. You can also trim footage in the expanded timeline by clicking and dragging the front, or back, of the file.

7. Add video effects to the project by clicking on the “Video Effects” tab. Effects include “Fire”, “Motion Blur”, “Color Filters”, “Grayscale” and dozens more. Press the “Play” icon to apply the effects and preview them immediately.

8. Add text to the project by going to the expanded timeline and dragging a text option into the “Text” section of the timeline. First, choose an animated text type. Nero features standard text, and more advanced text such as the type featured in “Star Wars” or “The Matrix”. Add text in the pop-up dialog box, and click “Change font” to edit the fonts. Click and drag the edge of the text to make it longer.

9. Drag and drop transitions in-between scenes on the “Basic” timeline window. Use the “Play” icon to see a preview of the transition. Sometimes they may cut a clip off.

10. Finalize the movie by pressing the “Next” button. Choose to “Export” the movie, make a DVD, make a CD, or record the movie directly to a disc without creating a menu or extra options. Click the “Save” icon at the bottom of the software any time to save the project.