Edit A Dvdr

Edit the data you save onto a DVD.

It is possible to edit and adjust the information you save onto a DVD-R disc as long as you have not already written the data onto the disk. Once the content has been burned to the disk, it is permanent and you can not edit the DVD. Thankfully, DVD burning programs allow you to change the disk format and what you save on the disk without the disk becoming corrupt or damaged.


1. Insert the DVD-R into the DVD burner drive of your computer and launch your DVD burning software. Some of the most used are Nero, Roxio or ULead.

2. Select the DVD format you want to create (such as a data DVD, audio DVD or Video DVD). If you are later not satisfied with the format you choose, you can exit the DVD program and select a different format.

3. Click “Add File” and choose a file you want to load onto the DVD. If, after you have selected the file, you determine you don’t want the content on the disk, right-click on the file and choose “Delete.”

4. Repeat the import process with the files you want to load. If you are creating an audio DVD and want the tracks in a different order, you can click-and-drag the audio tracks to a different track listing in the DVD software.

5. Click “Burn,” and the files become permanent on the blank DVD-R.

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