Easy Movie Making Software

Easy Movie Making Software

Since the rise of the technological boom in modern society, the art of filmmaking and the accessibility of editing videos is easier than ever. With software such as iMovie, Movie Maker Magic, Roxio and various others, an aspiring filmmaker can learn the basic ropes of the hard work it takes to make a movie. Those who are just looking to create a basic home-movies can also benefit from this type of software.


iMovie is movie-making software designed specifically for Macintosh users. It’s function mainly serves the user’s desire to organize and share movies similar to the way modern-day technology like iPhoto allows users to organize photos. iMovie begins to categorize and group video clips according to the date they were recorded immediately after the user’s digital camcorder is plugged into a Mac computer. After the clips are successfully imported, iMovie allows the user to implement basic editing techniques.

Movie Maker Magic

Movie Maker Magic is software that markets itself by claiming that “you don’t need a video camera to be a star on YouTube.” The software specializes in animating still images directly from the computer, which enables the user to make transitions, add special effects and create beginner-level videos that they can upload to websites. Movie Maker Magic also comes with introductory manuals for aspiring filmmakers such as a template for a production schedule for training purposes.

Roxio Easy Media Creator

Roxio Easy Media Creator is another movie-making software device that enables the user to manipulate video, audio and photos. This software implements Videowave as its editing device, which was designed specifically with the novice user in mind. The media allows the user to easily add effects and transitions to chosen movie clips and customize their videos to their liking. They can also add exterior audio from this software to provide a soundtrack for their video.

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Windows Movie Maker

A movie-making program specifically designed for Windows is Windows Movie Maker. The software is included with the purchase of Windows XP and is designed for those who want to create and share movies but do not necessarily have the skills of a computer expert. Unlike Magic Movie Maker, a user will need a digital video camera as well as a computer that supports digital video connection to use this software.


Learning the basics of editing through easy movie-making software can fuel a user’s passion and desire to learn more advanced software such as Final Cut Pro. Film school or taking classes to acquire editing skills can also foster an artist’s growth so that they can follow their dreams and learn more about their craft. In this ever-changing society, digital video editing is also a good skill to have in other fields such as marketing or social media.