Download Youtube Clips With Real Player

If you are not familiar with downloading videos, YouTube is one of the best websites requiring nothing more than a Real Player system in order to play videos and download them at any time. Recently, YouTube has revamped its website with high quality viewing and high-speed uploading and downloading. You Tube also includes special features such as an iTunes link for whenever you want to purchase a song and a Real Player link for downloading videos right on the spot.


1. Visit When you go to YouTube you will be able to access any video by clicking on the link, just as long as you install Real Player and your server allows you to run programs.

2. If you have not done so, it’s very important that you install the latest version of Real Player (preferably Real Player 11 or Real Player SP) into your server. In order to download or upload videos, songs, games and any type of application software it is necessary that you install a system that is able to perform those operations.

3. To get the latest version of Real Player your best option is to visit the main website, which is where you’ll find Real Player downloads. Real Player only works with Apple Mac and Microsoft 2000/XP Systems, so make sure that your computer is compatible before you install.

4. Once you install Real Player, it is now ready to perform downloading. When you watch your favorite video on YouTube, navigate the video clip with your mouse or keyboard and you will instantly see a light blue pop-up link on the top right corner that reads: “Download this video.” Simply click on the link (only once) that will download the video into your Real Player folder.

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5. When the downloading process is complete, the video will be saved under the library play list section inside your folder. You now have unlimited access to all of your downloaded videos by clicking on ‘My Library Playlist’ each time you open your Real Player file as it appears on your computer welcome screen. For the most part, downloading can be a breeze if you follow directions and always be alert of unsolicited material before you download it. Usually your computer will give you warnings and cautionary advice. However, if you are still relatively new to using a computer, this book will definitely come in handy: PCs for Dummies (Eleventh Edition by Dan Gookin; 2007).

This is one of the most comprehensive guides on everything you need to know about computers, including downloads.