Download Windows Movie Maker With Windows Xp

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker can record yourself playing video games online.

For novice Internet-video creators, Microsoft Windows Movie Maker is the only video editing software that you will need. It is a free video-editing program offered by Microsoft to customers with verifiable copies of Windows XP through the installation of “Service Pack 2”. Record yourself playing video games online, add a secondary soundtrack, select your favorite clips of video game triumph, and upload the video to YouTube. With the right keywords, your video might get a quick thousand views, and you will enjoy 15 nanoseconds of Internet fame. But the journey of a thousand pageviews begins with a single step: downloading Microsoft Movie Maker for Windows XP.


1. Visit Microsoft Update at using Internet Explorer. If you visit the page with any other browser, you will not be able to download Service Pack 2 (SP2).

2. Click the “Express” button. This will automatically select any “High Priority” downloads to be downloaded. Windows SP2 is considered high priority.

3. Click the “Install” button.

4. Accept the licensing agreement. This begins your download. Once the download is complete, press “Next”. After your installation is complete, restart your computer. Windows Movie Maker should be installed on your PC.

5. Locate Windows Movie Maker by pressing the “Start” button. Then press “All Programs”. You will find Movie Maker beneath the Media Player and Microsoft Messenger. The icon looks like a reel of film. Click the Windows Movie Maker Icon to open the program.

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