Download Videos From A Camcorder & Edit With Music

Camcorders capture special moments and everyday events that you want preserved. However, the audio from camcorders is often garbled or the volume is either too loud or too soft–especially when you record with a camcorder that uses tapes instead of discs. So, how can the video be used when the audio is unclear? One answer is to add music.


1. Connect your camcorder to your computer with a USB cord. When the camcorder is successfully connected to the computer, the “autoplay” dialog box will appear.

2. Close the autoplay dialog box and open Windows Movie Maker.

3. Go to “Capture Video.”

4. Click “Start Capture” to begin capturing the clip and “Stop Capture” to stop capturing the clip. While the clip is capturing, the elapsed time will appear and also the video will play while it is capturing. The captured clip will appear in the “Imported Media” folder.

5. Drag the clip to the “Video” row in the timeline.

6. Go to “Import audio or music.” Navigate to the WMA music file on the computer.

7. Drag the music file to the “Audio/Music” row in the timeline. Play the audio and video together to assess how well the audio complements the video.

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