Download Video Special Effects

Fire can be added to a movie as a special video effect.

Special video effects can add excitement to a home movie or student film project. Placing animated fireworks on a wedding video during a kiss, or a snowfall on a sunny day, can make a scene seem magical. An array of video effects are available for download online. Users can purchase special video effects for use or download them for free through freeware sites. Once downloaded, users can add special video effects to their projects and create movies that viewers are sure to enjoy.


1. Visit a website of a reputable video editing software host or movie effects plug-ins software website, such as or Locate the “Downloads” tab at the top or side of the webpage and click on it. The user will be navigated to a new page with a list of special-effects download that are free or for purchase.

2. View the list of available special video effects for download. Scroll down the page and select a video effect of interest by clicking on the effect image or “Download Now.” The user may be navigated to a new page to read a brief overview before downloading.

3. Click on the “Download Now” button once the special video effect has been chosen. A new screen may appear where the user may be asked to register with the website and pay before downloading. Enter the information requested to proceed with the download.

4. Select “Download” once again, if a download window hasn’t appeared after payment or registering. Once the screen appears, the user can select “Save” to save the file to a destination on the computer hard drive, “Run” to begin immediate download or “Cancel” to cancel the action.

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5. Choose “Run” to start the downloading process. The files will automatically begin transferring to the computer hard drive. A new screen will appear after installation, asking the user to “Open” the file. Select “Open” in the window to begin the installation or setup wizard. Read the license agreements that may appear to use the software. Select “Agree” when finished. Follow the remaining instructions in the wizard to complete installation.