Download The Acid Music Studio Software

Record original songs with the ACID Music Studio software

ACID Music Studio software ($54.95 as of August 2009) is a digital music program. Created by Sony Creative, the application allows you to design music and stereo-quality mixing. Use the software to record innovative music with tools for CD design and uploading to the Internet. Download the trial version of ACID Music Studio from Sony or (see Resources) websites.



1. Click the pop down arrow under, “ACID Music Studio.” Select a language, for example “ACID Music Studio Trial / English / Version 7.0a / 69.2 MB.”

2. Press the “Download” button. Select the “Save” or “Save File” option, depending on your specific browser.

3. Insert an object folder. Some browsers have a default download folder, such as Firefox. Other Internet browsers require you to choose a download directory.

4. Wait for Acid Music Studio to download. This may take approximately 10 minutes, determined by the speed of your Internet. Dial-up users may experience a delay of 30 minutes to an hour.

5. Go to the specific download folder. Double-click on “Musicstudio70a-trial-enu.exe” to install.

6. Press the “Download Now” link. In the adjacent window, a download box pops up; this will take roughly 20 seconds.

7. Click “Save.” Determine your browser download options. You may have an optional designation directory. Some browsers ask “Where to Download to.” Insert the desired folder. Then press “OK.”

8. Allow the file to finish. Double-click on the containing directory. Then double-click on the file “Musicstudio60b-trial_enu.exe.” Complete the installation.

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