Download Music On My Samsung Freeform Memory Card

A memory card like this one gives your phone plenty of extra space for song files.

The Samsung Freeform isn’t just great for chatting, and sending e-mails on the go. It’s equipped with an MP3 player you can take along everywhere you go. Having your music library on hand easily makes those mundane errands a little less boring, and adding your music files to your memory card is quick and simple.


1. Insert your SD memory card into the SD slot on your computer. If your computer doesn’t have one, purchase an SD to USB adapter that allows you to plug your SD card into your USB port.

2. Select “Open device to view files” from the automated menu. In the event the menu doesn’t come up, click “Start,” select “My Computer,” and select “E.” Drag the window to one side of your screen.

3. Open the folder containing your music files, and drag it to the opposite side of the screen.

4. Click the desired song, hold the mouse button, and drag it over to the device window.

5. Close the device window, and push in on the SD card to eject it.

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