Download Movies To A Computer For Free

Download a movie for free, but avoid those films protected by copyright.

If you are looking to download movies from the Internet for free, you must be careful not to download content with a copyright on it. Although there are several websites available that allow you to download feature-length movies, doing so is illegal, and you can be prosecuted. However, some companies allow you to download videos or movie clips to your computer for free.


1. Navigate to the site from which you want to download the movie. Websites such as YouTube and Hulu do not allow you to download content, but many shows that have their own site allow you to download content for free. Always make sure you are visiting the official website of the company that produced the content, otherwise you may be downloading content illegally.

2. Select the video you want to download. Right-click the file and select “Save File As” from the pull-down menu.

3. Title the video and select a location to where the video will save.

4. Click “OK” and the movie downloads to your computer. Depending on the length of the video and your Internet connection speed, this process can take anywhere from a few seconds to several hours to complete.

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