Download From Everio To A Dvd

It is possible to upload your video content onto your computer system.

The JVC Everio is a video-camera lineup that saves all the audio and video information onto a built-in hard drive. This allows you to upload the video content to your computer system without the aid of a video-editing program. Once you have the video files on your computer system you are able to burn the data onto a blank DVD with your DVD-burning software.


1. Plug the USB data cable into the USB port on the JVC Everio. Connect the other end of the cable into a USB port on your computer system.

2. Power the JVC Everio camera on, then set it to “View” mode.

3. Click the “Start” button on your desktop, then choose “Computer” and double click the camera icon. A window loads with all the video files stored on the Everio.

4. Click and drag the stored video files onto your computer. Repeat this task until all the files are on your computer.

5. Insert the blank DVD into the DVD burner on your computer, then launch the installed DVD-burning software (such as Nero, Roxio or ULead). Choose “Video DVD” as the format, then choose “Add Files” and select the video files you uploaded. Click “OK,” then “Start Burn” and the video files are recorded onto the blank DVD.

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