Download From A Jvc Camcorder

Download From a JVC Camcorder

JVC has a wide range of video cameras, many of which record onto different memory devices. Although the most often method is via Mini DV tape, some use an external hard drive while others record onto memory sticks. Whatever the method is of connection, you can download the recorded video content from your JVC video camera to your computer, however you may need the aid of a video editing program.


1. Check your computer for a FireWire cable port. The port looks like a USB port, except one side is rounded and a “Y” looking logo appears next to it. FireWire provides a faster data transfer rate when using video. If your computer does not have this connection port you need to use USB.

2. Plug the USB cable into the USB data port on the JVC video camera, then plug the other end of the USB cable into the USB port on the computer. If using a FireWire cable plug the FireWire cable into its port on the camera, then into the FireWire port on the computer.

3. Power on the JVC video camera and set it to “VCR” (or “Playback”). If your JVC video camera records to a memory card or hard drive a window appears, stating the computer has detected a new removable device. Open “Computer” (or “My Computer”) and double-click the device. Here you can see each created video as its own icon. Click-and-drag the video file onto the desktop, or any other location on the computer, to download the video file.

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4. Launch the video editing software you have installed on your computer if you recorded the video onto a video tape.

5. Select “Capture,” then chose your JVC video camera from the list of connected devices.

6. Click “Record” and the video begins to download to the computer. Once the video has finished the recording stops automatically. Click-and-drag the video recording into the timeline, then select “Export.” Title the video and click “Save.” The video exports as a video file format onto your computer.