Download And Edit Movie Clips

Download online films and edit them.

Editing movie clips can be a very creative endeavor. Many software programs exist that make it possible to download movie clips from the Internet and edit them on a computer. A lot of people edit home movies that were shot with a video camera, but downloading a video from a website before editing it takes a few extra steps to accomplish the task. It can be done in a short time using the right software.


1. Download a download manger. This is a program that downloads online movies from a website to a computer. A popular download manager is RealPlayer (see Resources).

2. Find a video clip source. Choose a video sharing website. The website has thousands of public domain movie clips. YouTube is another popular site to find videos on.

3. Download the movie clip. Play a movie from the video-sharing website. Arrow over the video. Click “Download this video.” The video will be downloaded to the video downloader’s library.

4. Convert the video. If the downloaded movie clip file isn’t compatible with your video editor, it will need to be converted. Download a video converter. A popular one is the “Free FLV Converter” from Koyote software (see Resources). Click “Conversion from FLV.” Click on the video file you want. Click “Open.” Click “Convert.” The converted video will be on your desktop.

5. Add the movie clip to video editor. Open the video editing program. Click “Import video.” Click on the location of your downloaded movie clip. Click “Import.” You can also drag the icon of your video clip onto the storyboard.

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6. Edit the movie clip. Drag the Movie clips into the timeline of your video editor. Click “Effects” and/or “Transitions” and drag them into the clips on the timeline. Click the “Play” icon and watch your downloaded and edited movie clips.