Download A Video From A Dvr

Download a Video From a DVR

Since the invention of the DVR, VCRs have become practically obsolete. The digital recording process used by digital video recorders requires no external storage device, which means no tapes or discs to store. However, the tapeless recording process leaves some new users in bewilderment when it comes to keeping copies of video stored on a DVR. One way to keep DVR video is to download it onto your computer. With the right tools, the process to download a video from a DVR is simple.


1. Hook your DVR up to your computer using a pass-through device. The simplest pass-through device is a video capture device, which is a small unit with audio-video cords at one end and a USB cord at the other. Connect the audio-video cords on the device to the “Audio Out” and “Video Out” ports on the back of the DVR and the USB cord to any open USB port on your computer.

2. Launch the video editing software on your computer. Video editing software, such as iMovie, Movie Maker and Adobe Premiere, has the ability to capture video footage from external sources.

3. Go to the “File” menu in the video editing program and select “Capture” or “Import” to open the program’s capturing feature. If you are given choices to simply “Import” or to “Import from an external device,” choose the “external device” option.

4. Click the “Start Capture” or “Start Import” button in the video editing software. Begin playing the video on the DVR that you want to download to your computer.

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5. Press the “Stop Capture” or “Stop Import” button in the video editing software to stop capturing when the video is done playing on the DVR. Click “Finish” or “Save” if the option is provided.

6. Enter a name for the video capture when prompted. Many programs prompt you to enter a file name after capturing video. Others may prompt you before you begin capturing. This is the name that the downloaded video file is saved under on your hard drive.