Download A Firewire Video Using Usb

Import your video content using a USB cable.

FireWire was created by Apple in the 1990s, and many video cameras have a built-in FireWire port for streaming and downloading the video content back to the computer. However, some computers don’t have the required FireWire port installed on the system. If this is the case for your computer, you can use a USB cable with a FireWire adapter and download the video content from your camera to the computer.


1. Plug the FireWire-to-USB adapter into the FireWire port of the video camera. The adapter is only about an inch long so it can stand on its own.

2. Connect the USB cable into the USB port of the adapter, then plug the other end of the cable into any USB port on the computer.

3. Launch the video editing software you have on your computer. Most computers come pre-installed with at least iMovie (Macs) or Windows Movie Maker (PCs).

4. Power on the video camera and set it to playback mode. Click the “Capture” feature on the video editing software, then select your connected video camera as the device you want to download video from.

5. Click the “Record” button in the video editor and the contents from your camera will download to the computer. Once you have finished downloading the video, click “Stop.”

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