Downconvert Hd Media In Avid

Save storage space by downconverting your high definition video to standard definition in Avid.

Avid is an industry leading video editing program used by professionals to edit both television and feature length films. The Avid lineup of video editing software is capable of handling both HD and SD video content, and even possess the option of downconverting HD video.


1. Launch Avid and wait for the project window to load. Select the editing project you want to downconvert and click “OK”. Momentarily the project loads onto the screen.

2. Position the cursor at the left of the timeline and press “I”. This sets an in-point on the video (from where you want to export the video in standard definition), then position the cursor at the end of the timeline and press “O” to set an outpoint.

3. Click “File”, “Export” and the Avid export window loads onto the screen.

4. Title the video, choose a location to save it to, then click “Options”. In the Options window select “Advanced Options” and the video resolution appears on the screen. Select a screen resolution of 704 x 480,” and click “OK”. Accept all the changes and click “Save”. The video file now exports to the computer as a standard definition video.

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