Does Adobe Premiere Support Dazzle Dvc100 Capture Cards

With the Dazzle DVC100 capture card, users can connect an S-Video or RCA video source to a computer through the USB port. The result digitizes video for use in video editing software or burning to a DVD. The type of capturing and compatibility with Adobe Premiere makes it impossible to use the Dazzle device with it, but there are ways around this so you can get the full use out of both of them.

Adobe Premiere Compatiblity

Adobe Premiere has capture ability and the Dazzle DVC100 is a capture device, but the inputs and driver types result in compatibility issues. Adobe Premiere is made to work exclusively with Firewire devices. These devices are typically found on camcorders or high-end decks that include digital and tape-based playback. The Dazzle DVC100 works with the USB cable, so the direct transfer to Adobe Premiere will not work properly.

Movie Star 5 Software

The Dazzle capture device is made to work exclusively with Pinnacle’s own Movie Star 5 software. If you do not have the CD that came with the capture device, you can download a free full version of Movie Star 5 from Pinnacle’s website. Once you install this software, you can capture footage and use that captured footage with Adobe Premiere.

Capture Settings

Capture footage using specific settings to make it the highest quality and for it to work well with Adobe Premiere. Click on the “Capture” tab in Movie Star 5. Set the “Video” to “DV-AVI type 2.” The audio will adjust automatically with this setting. Set the timer to “10 Minutes” and capture the video in 10-minute increments. This will prevent any audio or video delay issues.

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Adobe Premiere Import

When all the captures are complete you can exit out of Movie Star 5 and open a new project in Adobe Premiere. After selecting your captured files from the “Import” option you will see a small meter that states “Conforming Audio” in the bottom right corner of the screen. This is Adobe Premiere converting your audio for the best use in the software and you must wait for this clear before you can edit.