Do Video Effects On Imovie

Add video effects to your iMovie.

The video software for the Mac, iMovie, puts basic filmmaking tools into your hands. It also offers an array of video special effects that you can apply to your movie to make it more exciting and interesting to watch, or to create a particular mood. The effects are applied to clips you’ve added to the project window. You can change effects or remove them later if you change your mind.


1. Open your iMovie project.

2. Double-click the clip to which you want to add the video special effect. To add the same effect to two or more clips simultaneously, click on each while holding down the “Command” key, and then double-click one of the highlighted clips. Any changes you make will be applied to all highlighted clips.

3. Click the “Video Effect” button in the “Clip Inspector” box that opens. Make your choice from the effects palette, which features colorizing effects like aged film or glow, themed effects like cartoon or sci-fi, or other effects like X-ray. Feel free to experiment since nothing is applied to the clip in your project until you click “Done.”

4. View the effect in the viewer window by dragging the cursor across the clip in the project window or clicking on it to highlight it and pressing the space bar. Pressing the space bar plays back the clip in real time. Dragging the cursor across the clip allows you to move back and forth through the clip and review it quickly. The appearance of the clip in the project window will not be altered; you only see the effect when you view it in the viewer window.

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5. Remove or change the video effect by double-clicking the clip in the project window, clicking the “Video Effect” button and choosing “None” to remove the effect, or select a different effect to apply to the clip.