Do The Spray Paint In The “Bully” Pc Game

Bully: Scholarship Edition” was released for the PC in 2008. A port from the PlayStation 2 version, the controls have been modified to use the PC’s keyboard and mouse. For players who are accustomed to the PlayStation 2 controls, or new players, certain actions may be difficult to figure out. The spray paint can be used as a weapon and as an item in Act III, where you are required to spray paint over rival gangs’ tags.


1. Select the spray paint from your inventory by scrolling the mouse wheel up or down.

2. Press the right mouse button to lock on to the nearest enemy.

3. Press the left mouse button to spray an enemy with the spray paint.

4. Stand in front of any graffiti that you want to spray over. You can only spray on walls that have another gang’s graffiti on them.

5. Press the left mouse button to initiate the spraying.

6. Trace the design on the wall with your mouse. Once the design is traced, your graffiti tag will be placed over the rival gang’s tag.

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