Do Slow Motion On The Flipshare

FlipShare is a free video-editing program for Mac and Windows computers. It allows you to organize, edit and share the videos on your computer’s hard drive as well as videos from your Flip video camera, if you have one. Although FlipShare provides basic editing functions, including trimming and adding music, it doesn’t provide a slow motion effect. To add slow motion to any FlipShare video, export the video from the FlipShare program, and edit it in another video-editing program.


1. Click “Movies” or “Imported Files Folder” to display the list of videos in the FlipShare video library.

2. Click the thumbnail displaying the image of the video you want to edit. The video’s name is displayed to the right of the thumbnail.

3. Click “File” and “Export to.” Click “OK” in the “About Exporting Items” popup that appears.

4. Choose the location on the hard drive where you’d like to save the exported video and click “Choose.” The video is saved in the location you selected.

5. Open the exported video in a video-editing program, such as Windows Movie Maker or iMovie.

6. Apply a slow motion effect to the video. Depending on the program you’re using, the effects might be accessed by right-clicking on the video, selecting an action from a menu in the menu bar or clicking an action button on a thumbnail representing the video.

7. Save the edited video using the same file format and resolution as the original video.

8. Click the FlipShare window to bring it to the front of the screen.

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9. Click “File” and “Import.” Click “Continue” in the “About Importing Items” popup.

10. Double-click the edited video in the “Select the files to import” dialog. The edited video appears in the “Imported Files Folder” in FlipShare.