Do Slow Motion In Pinnacle

Pinnacle Studios allows users to create a myriad of special effects for their digital video productions. The interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, while giving users the ability to edit every aspect of the videos they import into the program. One of the simplest effects in Pinnacle is the clip speed control. Users can create slow motion in Pinnacle with the video effects tool box located above the timeline.


1. Launch Pinnacle Studio from the “Start” menu or the desktop icon.

2. Open the video you wish to edit.

3. Click on the clip in the timeline.

4. Use the scrubber above the timeline to select the point where you want the slow motion effect to begin.

5. Right-click and select “Split clip” from the context menu.

6. Move the scrubber to the point where you want the effect to end and split the clip using the same method.

7. Click on the clip where you want to apply the slow motion effect.

8. Click on the camcorder icon in the left corner just above the timeline to open the video effects toolbox.

9. Click on the plug icon if it is not selected to show the “Add video effect” dialogue box.

10. Click “Time Effects,” select “Speed” and click “OK.”

11. Adjust the slider to change the speed of the selected clip. Slow motion effects are generally set to half speed or less. Click the “X” in the upper right to apply the changes.

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