Diy Teleprompter With Android Tablet

Android tablets run the same basic operating system as Android phones.

Use your Android tablet as a teleprompter to guide you through your next speech or presentation. Several applications available in the Android Market allow text files to be loaded and run in a constant scroll. Some options are dv Prompter, Easy-prompter and Android Prompter. A teleprompter slowly scrolls the text of a speech so that you can read it at a natural pace while still looking at your audience. Setting your Android tablet on a music stand or easel in your line of sight will let you use it in this way as you would a teleprompter.


1. Unlock your Android tablet and open the application launcher. Tap the magnifying glass to launch the search bar and type “Teleprompter.” Press “Enter.” Tap the name of the app you want to use on your tablet, and then tap the “Download” button. Touch “Accept and Install” and wait for the app to finish installing. Tap “Open” to launch your new teleprompter app.

2. Tap the “+” in the upper-left corner of the dv Prompter app. Type the title of your speech in the top box and then type your speech in the main box. You can also copy and paste the speech from another sources on your device. Type “*#” to indicate a blank line. It won’t be displayed when the prompter is running. Tap “Save” in the upper-left when you’re done editing the speech. Touch the title of the speech in the list and then tap “Start Prompt” to begin the scroll. Tap the screen to pause and touch the triangle button to resume.

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3. Tap to enter the URL of the Website that you want Easy-Prompter to read, or tap the Text File button to select a TXT file that you’ve saved to your tablet‘s Secure Digital memory card. Touch the green triangle “Play” button to start the scrolling and tap anywhere on the screen to stop the scrolling. Touch the “Menu” button on your tablet to access settings such as the speed of the scrolling, and to set it to run as a mirror image, if you’re using a reflected teleprompter setup.

4. Tap the “Script” button in Android Prompter and then browse to the location of the TXT file on your SD card. You can only use a TXT file that has been previously saved to your tablet’s memory card. The scroll starts immediately. You can tap on the screen to stop it and see options for the speed and display. Tap the square with black and white triangles in it to switch from black text on a white background to white text on a black background. Tap the rabbit button to increase the speed of the scrolling or the turtle button to decrease the speed of the scroll. When you’re ready to start back up again, tap the triangle button to play your script.