Disable Antialiasing For Video Drivers

Disable Anti-Aliasing for Video Drivers

Anti-aliasing is a computer graphics feature that turns jagged corners and edges of an object into smooth lines. Anti-aliasing can sometimes cause problems in certain programs and computer games or it may be a setting that is too intensive for your graphics card. You can shut off this feature to increase system performance, although graphics quality will be reduced.



1. Click “Start” then “Control Panel.” Click “Catalyst Control Panel.”

2. Click the “View” button. Choose “Advanced.”

3. Expand the “3D” section. Click “Anti-aliasing.” Choose “Disabled.” Click “Apply” and “Done.”


4. Click “Start” and “Control Panel.” Double-click “Nvidia Control Panel.”

5. Click “Manage 3D Settings.” Click “Antialiasing – Mode” to “Off.”

6. Click “Apply” then “OK.” This setting change removes control of antialiasing from programs and allows it to get set from the video card settings in order to apply to all programs and games. This setting is most useful if you’re having a widespread performance issue that you feel is related to antialiasing.


7. Launch the game that is causing issues with its anti-aliasing settings.

8. Go into the “Options” or “Preferences” menu on the main page or use the “ESC” key in game to bring up your settings menus in most games.

9. Go to “Video Options” or “Graphics Options.” Uncheck the box that says anti-aliasing or AA. Save your settings and restart the game to see if your performance issues are fixed.

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