Digital Media Master’S Programs

PDAs, or personal digital assistants, are one of many vehicles for digital media.

The realm of digital media encompasses media delivered to audiences in any computerized form. Cellular phones, personal digital assistants, video game consoles and personal computers are all distributors of digital media. Like traditional media, digital media can be used to convey news and information and to entertain. A wide variety of higher learning institutions in the United States offer master’s degree programs in digital media.

University of Denver

The University of Denver’s master’s program in digital media gives students inter-disciplinary coursework across a wide spectrum of digital media topics, including coursework in graphic design, three-dimensional animation, audio, video and interactive media. The program’s technical course load trains students in a variety of production and programming software. The program’s second year concludes with a Graduate of Independent Study on a contemporary digital media topic chosen by the student in conjunction with course faculty.

University of Denver

Digital Media Studies

Sturm Hall 216

2000 East Asbury Street

Denver, CO 80208


Georgia Institute of Technology

The Digital Media Master of Science degree path at the Georgia Institute of Technology combines a broad range of cultural and academic disciplines as well as studio and classroom based curriculums. Coursework focuses on the computer as an expressive medium and includes such seminars as Principles of Interactive Design, Historical Approaches to Digital Media, Intellectual Property Policy and Issues in Interactive Narrative. The course concludes with a six-credit independent research project.

Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Literature, Communication and Culture

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686 Cherry St.

Atlanta, GA, 30332


Valparaiso University

Valparaiso’s 37-credit master’s program includes both a Master of Science in Digital Media degree path as well as a degree path in Master of Science in Sports Media. The institutions Digital Media program places a core focus on the development of advanced technological skills through video, audio and Web-editing seminars. Valparaiso also places particular emphasis on social networking, organizational leadership and team-building skills. Graduates of the program are required to complete two major research projects in the digital media realm and present their results to the faculty of the Department of Communication.

Valparaiso University

Department of Communication

1700 Chapel Drive

Valparaiso, Indiana 46383